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 As a professional international Sms Qsf you will be guaranteed expertise saddle fitting, by a fitter who is committed and dedicated to you and your horses saddle needs.          

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Technology and saddle fitting


2020 we are excited to introduced and integrate technology with saddle fitting, rider, horse symmetry and biomechanics by analyzing with the pressure mapping system and stride tracker system. 

why is a well fitted bridle so imported?


there  are 12 pairs of cranial nerves that have a roll in: balance, heart rate, hearing, smell vision, eye movement, jaw, lips, and Tonge movement along with many more areas of the head and body if any negative pressure is limping on the cranial nerves it will effect the way of the horses movement.   

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Equine and saddle services


Freedom of Motion

offers a professional service and assessment.

 We believe saddle fitting is an integral part of your horse’s welfare.  A well-fitted saddle will provide your horse with comfort and freedom of motion. It also gives you a stable and supportive platform, allowing you a balanced seat and a correct position which helps your horse to move correctly and in balance. 

Benefits of a well fitted Bridle 
A quick look at what cranial nerves DO reveal how important their

The importance of a properly fitted bridle.

An ill-fitting bridle can cause as much discomfort and lameness in a horse as the poorly fitted saddle. There are twelve pairs of cranial nerves in a horse that directly effect them and have a role in the way your horse feels and move. 


As an Independent qualified SMS saddle fitter

 We can assess and fit all saddles. We carry several brands, all wool-flocke. We also have a selection of  adjustable saddle  which can be refitted to your ever changing horse. 


The Society of Master Saddlers

To become an SMS qualified saddle fitter a candidate must spend minimum of three years working in the field under a master Saddler and a qualified saddle fitter . Studying the skeleton, muscular system and biomechanics of the horse Before you are required to go to the UK and take the city guilds exam ( associates degree ). 


Saddle fitting and assessments

 When  you are considering a new saddle or an assessments on the fit of your current saddle, we come to your barn  with a selection of saddles for you to try or if your current saddle needs to be adjusted by gullet width and/or flocking, we are able to do that on site. 

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