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Equine and saddle services

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offers a professional service and assessment.

 We believe saddle fitting is an integral part of your horse’s welfare.  A well-fitted saddle will provide your horse with comfort and freedom of motion. It also gives you a stable and supportive platform, allowing you a balanced seat and a correct position which helps your horse to move correctly and in balance. 

Benefits of a well fitted Bridle 
A quick look at what cranial nerves DO reveal how important their

The importance of a properly fitted bridle.

An ill-fitting bridle can cause as much discomfort and lameness in a horse as the poorly fitted saddle. There are twelve pairs of cranial nerves in a horse that directly effect them and have a role in the way your horse feels and move. 

As an Independent qualified SMS saddle fitter

 We can assess and fit all saddles. We carry several brands, all wool-flocke. We also have a selection of  adjustable saddle  which can be refitted to your ever changing horse. 

The Society of Master Saddlers

To become an SMS qualified saddle fitter a candidate must spend minimum of three years working in the field under a master Saddler and a qualified saddle fitter . Studying the skeleton, muscular system and biomechanics of the horse Before you are required to go to the UK and take the city guilds exam ( associates degree ). 

Saddle fitting and assessments

 When  you are considering a new saddle or an assessments on the fit of your current saddle, we come to your barn  with a selection of saddles for you to try or if your current saddle needs to be adjusted by gullet width and/or flocking, we are able to do that on site. 


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